Papers accepted at ICSE, MSR, ICGSE, and ICPC 2018

Papers accepted at ICSE, MSR, ICGSE, and ICPC 2018

Mar 18, 2018. | By: Bogdan

Gothenburg, here we come! We have a strong presence at ICSE 2018 and colocated events this year:

  • Asher and Shurui have a paper on badges in npm at ICSE:

Adding Sparkle to Social Coding: An Empirical Study of Repository Badges in the npm Ecosystem

Update: Here’s Asher presenting:

More details about the research here.

  • Alan and Jeremy have a paper on decompilation at ICPC:

Meaningful Variable Names for Decompiled Code: A Machine Translation Approach

  • Asher has a paper on code understandability at MSR:

“Automatically Assessing Code Understandability” Reanalyzed: Combined Metrics Matter

  • David has a paper on CI abandonment at MSR:

I’m Leaving You, Travis: A Continuous Integration Breakup Story

Update: Here’s David presenting:

  • Pengcheng, Bowen, and Edgar (Graham’s students) have a paper on mining aligned pairs of code and natural language from Stack Overflow at MSR, and a poster at ICSE:

Learning to Mine Aligned Code and Natural Language Pairs from Stack Overflow

  • Fabio has a paper on mining personality traits for Apache contributors at ICGSE:

On Developers’ Personality in Large-scale Distributed Projects: The Case of the Apache Ecosystem

  • Miguel and Weslley (TU Eindhoven) have a paper on the role of localized Q&A sites, looking at Stack Overflow in Portuguese:

Is Stack Overflow in Portuguese attractive for Brazilian Users?

Update: We had a great time at ICSE.


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